A small oasis is hidden in the urban area of Chalandri. Wishing to share the experience of cultivating, inner peace, and knowledge regarding the earth, Aristi Estate was designed as a multi-venue, which gives us the opportunity to take a break and appreciate the beauty of nature which is all around us.
Moreover, by organizing activities related to movement, flavors and music, we aim at the interaction between man and earth and, as a result, at fostering human personality and imagination.
Our mission is to turn Aristi Estate into a meeting point for people of all ages, who wish to “redefine” urban lifestyle, and experience the harmony of nature. By organizing events and activities, we aim at communal well-being and a better quality of life.

You can visit the Estate to take your everyday walk, enjoy your cup of coffee in our little grocery store, plan your special event with us, spend your time in a creative way by taking part in activities, and share experiences of harmony in nature. Whether you choose our venue for your school trip, for a family getaway in the city or just as a meeting point with your friends, Aristi Estate is a welcoming “school” for kids and grownups.

The Estate has plenty of space for people to play on the lawn, coffee tables and a beautiful pergola which creates the ideal shade in the summertime for any kind of event. In winter, on the other hand, it turns into a welcoming heated indoor space. Whether you wish to unwind during a stressful week or you wish to spend a quiet, family weekend, Aristi Estate is open for you and ready to welcome you.

In the specially designed and constructed section of the estate, there are also organic and conventional crops. We also grow seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, free from fertilizers and pesticides, certified by TUV Austria, and cared for with a lot of love, passion and handwork.

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