In collaboration with experienced tutors and agriculturists, the specially designed educational activities programs of Aristi Estate have incorporated the principles of environmental education and game-like, hands-on learning.

Our goal is for children to get in touch with nature, with the way it functions and the life cycle of plants, which plays a very important role in building up their emotional development. What we wish for is to plant the seed of empathy in their heart, in an absolutely natural way. The programs of Aristi Estate are designed taking into consideration the children’s entertainment, education and safety, in collaboration with specialized tutors, agriculturists, nutritionists and garden entertainers.

During your visit in our Estate, we will guide the children to our vegetable garden, we’ll take care of it, and we will talk about healthy diet. We will walk on the ground and on the grass, we will sit under our wild pear tree, and we will share stories about the magical world of plants and their importance. We will use our imagination, and we will feel free to play games that encourage children to understand and feel, by helping their skills and their hands-on experience with plants, nature and its complexity grow. At the end of the day, our little friends will be awarded, not only by the knowledge and the feelings they gained, but also by their own creations, which they will always have to cherish this beautiful day.

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  • The programs of Aristi Estate:
  • lasting:
  • lasting 1 or 1.5 hours
  • Are suitable for :
  • kindergarten and primary school students
  • as well as for independent groups of maximum 60 children


  • The bugs world of the garden
  • A walk in the farm of biodiversity
  • The tales of the Scarecrow
  • I wish I were a gardener
  • Organic Vegetable garden for children – Hands-on Environmental Learning
  • I cook for my plants – Composting and Recycling

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