The magnificent scenery of Aristi Estate is available for any kind of social or corporate events. Our specialized staff and our experienced colleagues will take care of every organizational detail to create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

Aristi Estate is a hospitable place for kids and grownups, and is an alternative option at the heart of Chalandri.

Our venue is available for you, and can be tailored to your needs. In the hot summer days of the Athenian weather, our Estate is a real source of cool breeze, where you can find plenty of space to play and relax in the harmony of nature. In the cold winter days, our venue turns into a heated indoor venue, awaiting to make its visitors feel at home.

The experienced and specialized team of Aristi Estate can plan a unique verdant experience that you will cherish forever. It could be a different kids’ party, a special corporate event or even a kids’ summer camp, which focuses on connecting with nature and artistry.

In Aristi Estate, we plan original kids’ parties, surrounded by nature, wishing to entertain kids and help grownups relax.
Aristi Estate is the ideal venue to plan your child's christening in just as you have dreamt it, in the harmony of nature.
Aristi Estate has the answer to any idea you have, regarding planning a unique corporate event, surrounded by nature.
: In collaboration with experienced tutors and agriculturists, the specially designed educational activities programs of Aristi Estate have incorporated the principles of environmental education and game-like, hands-on learning.
Aristi Estate offers spaciousness in nature, and can be altered and tailored to your wishes to create the ideal event for you.
The summer camp of Aristi Estate aims at helping kids unwind during the school year, by organizing fun activities and hands-on learning with the help of nature and art.

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