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Friday 28 March 2020


Workshop for adults

Participation cost: 17€

The workshop will be postponed. We will inform you about the new date in the following days


A coaching workshop by Penelope Dimitrakopoulou Coaching, Executive and Team Coach

Procrastination, poor organization and lack of preparation as well as an inability to understand our needs are some of the factors that can lead to feelings of chaos and psychological pressure. These factors can result in lower professional satisfaction and an overall diminished feeling of wellbeing. Wellness in the workplace is about people having a sense of belonging, safety, purpose and development. The good news is that wellness in the workplace is something you can work on and time management can be a powerful factor for improvement.

The way we respond (our feelings and attitudes) to experiences that occur result from the way we perceive these experiences. According to the Cognitive Behavioral Coaching approach (CBC) while sometimes we cannot control what happens to us, we can empower ourselves by choosing the way we will react to the situation.

Awareness, perception, taking responsibility by making informed choices – these are some of the steps that promote individual empowerment and give us control over undesired situations.


*Which is the purpose of this workshop*

The scope of this workshop is to learn how to manage our time and enhance our prioritization skills through applied coaching practices. To investigate how through introspection and the adoption of a different approach we can identify our needs and motivations. To define our priorities and clarify our responsibilities and see how these can be satisfied through effective time management.

We will explore and find practical solutions to questions such as:

How do we work?

How do we allocate our time?

What problems can be caused by lack of/bad organization and preparation?

What are our habits and priorities?

How do we set goals that satisfy our needs?

What is the relationship between motives and performance in terms of the time we allocate to our activities?

How our emotions affect procrastination?

This is a one-off seminar and is open to all.


*What is the meaning of “Coaching”*

Coaching is for anyone who wants to engage in a developmental process in his personal or professional life. It’s a dynamic relationship between coach and participant, whose purpose is the overall development of the individual. We will explore the beliefs, attitudes, emotions and values that keep us from doing the things we want to do. Based on the needs of the participant we shall work on specific goals that will bridge the gap between potential and performance.


*Penelope’s Dimitrakopoylou CV*


Penelope Dimitrakopoulou is a certified Team and Executive Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has a certificate on Personal and Executive Coaching as well as Team and Leadership Coaching. She studied Psychology (Bsc) in the University of Bath and obtained her master’s degree in Bristol University in Television and New Media Studies (Ma). She has been working for the past decade as a sales representative in a company dealing with industrial equipment. Wanting to combine the knowledge acquired from her studies in the corporate environment she took upon Coaching in 2015. She now has five years’ experience in coaching and works as an Executive and Team Coach. She specializes in leadership issues and professional development, vision and action planning as well as stress management.


The workshop will be postponed. We will inform you about the new date in the following days



27 March
19:00 -20:30
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Συμφωνώ με τους όρους χρήσης της πολιτικής απορρήτου.

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